Saturday, May 9, 2009

We won the war. Finally

War was declared a long time ago.

Last year we discovered a woodchuck had taken up residence under our shed. Actually I believe he came with the house, when we bought it last June, but the previous owner “forgot” to tell that the house came with pets. But after 1 year of “ Ha, I am still here”, we had enough. We already bought the have-a -heart trap, but the only animals we had caught so far, was squirrels. Not that I don’t want to get rid of them, but for now we had our minds set one something bigger.

once again we set the trap and filled it with some of his, according to google favorite foods. And just waited. and waited.

Shortly after Mike had gone to work he was trapped. I started to feel sorry for the guy. But then I just looked at the huge hole he had dug in the yard, not to mention how it will look under the shed.

I kept my eye on him to make sure he was ok, until we could release him.

There was a time, when I though he was dead, because he was not moving even if I came up close. So I called mike and said, that now it was a whole new ball game, but either Jesus came by to revive him or he was just plying dead, there he was ...eating.

As soon as Mike came home, we took him to the truck. Well it actually took a bit longer, because mike was afraid Chukie would get out of the trap and attack him. But Chukie didn’t. He just lay there. As still as possible. We found a very nice spot on the mountain with lots of trees and no houses. Problem was, we couldn’t remember how to open the trap. But two minds work better than one, so together we figured it out, while Chukie, was thinking, “Hey get on with it. i am smelling freedom here.”

What seemed to take forever, but probably not more than a 15 seconds the trap door opened and Chukie left well ran as fast as he could in one direction and Mike who was sure to be at the receiving end of Chukie’s revenge, ran in the other direction.

But it was a fine moment. Setting him free to roam to take up housing somewhere else.

Back in our own yard, we filled the hole and sat down to enjoy a before dinner drink. But we both kept looking in the direction of the shed expecting him to pop his cute little head out. I kind of miss him, Mike said. Me too, I answered, but I have to remember to put up the No Vacancy sign.

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