Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let me introduce Henry. August 10th 2010

Back in January Toby decided that his time here with us, was coming to an end.

It was a very sad time when he died and the house felt very empty.

A few months later we felt ready to once again open our hearts to a dog. We both agreed that it had to be a rescue.

I went on Petfinder.com and found a small dog. He was said to be a Cairn terrier mix and they had named him Ricky. He looked very cute, so we decided to take him. I emailed back and forth with the lady who was supposed to be his foster mom. Ricky was from Tennessee and he would be on the transportation up on a Saturday in April.

Mike and I drove to Rocky Hill where the drop off site was. It was important to me that our dog would choose us.

I must admit that I was nervous. Would he like us and what temperament would he have?

He was introduced to me and started crawling all over me while licking my face. I guess he accepted up.

I went for a walk with him on the leash, just to see how he would act, but he was absolutely fine. We had a new dog.

We drove home and let him in the house, where he got some time to get to know everything.

I sat by my computer and a few minutes later, the dog showed up with one of my socks in his mouth and a wagging tale.

He got his first toy.

We changed his name to Henry. He settled in just fine and he is just the best addition to out little family, we could hope for. He loves sitting on our laps or stand guard on the deck. He is on he lookout for squirrels.

There was something about him, that made me think he wasn’t all terrier. So I had him DNA tested. I was very surprised when the results came back. He is anything but terrier. Not a drop.

He is Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Norwegian elkhound, Pekingese, Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

He is a som’er dog. Some of this and some of that. But he is all ours and we love him.

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